• Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Red Velvet Cake Ref: 01846 A true revolution for the senses. Red Velvet cake is a three-tier American cake made with chocolate sponge cake but in red. It has cream cheese generously slathered between layers and is decorated with the same sponge cake crumbles and whipped cream. / IMAGE 2- Americana Carrot Cake Ref: 11888 A true-blue American cake with four tiers of cinnamon carrot sponge cake and cream cheese generously slathered between layers. The chopped peanuts covering this delicious cake give it a different touch. / IMAGE 3- Americana cacao Cake Ref: 11889 Cocoa mousse covers each of the cocoa sponge cake layer of our mouth-watering four-tier American cocoa cake. This cake is coated with cocoa ganache and decorated with chocolate flakes. / IMAGE 4- Apple and green Tea Naked Cake Ref: 01844 This delicious offering is made with green tea-based double apple sponge cake that boasts a touch of cinnamon. No passerby will leave without a slice! / IMAGE 5- Cocoa and Pistachio Naked Cake Ref: 01845 Made with double chocolate sponge cake laid carefully in pumpkin seed-infused cocoa cream. Decadently decorated with chocolate mousse, pistachios, squash seeds, and pink pepper. / IMAGE 6- Caramel Naked Cake Ref: 01839 The sweetest Naked Cake made with two layers of soft and fluffy yogurt sponge cake generously filled between layers with milk candy cream. / IMAGE 7- Carrot Naked Cake Ref: 01840 This very spongy and moist offering is made with a carrot sponge cake base and a touch of cinnamon. The two sponge cakes melt between a cream cheese layer. Decorated with cream cheese and the same sponge cake crumbles. / IMAGE 8- Lemon Naked Cake Ref: 01841 Naked Cake Limón is new refreshing flavor which features a soft sponge cake with poppy seeds filled with a layer of cream and lemon juice. Decorated with smooth mousse that makes every bite creamier and topped with marbled lemon cream. / IMAGE 9- Pineapple Naked Cake Ref: 01842 An extremely moist and spongy fruitilicious Naked Cake made with home recipe. Its layers are brought together with pineapple cream with added dehydrated pineapple bits. Decadently decorated with a layer of smooth cheese mousse and marbled strawberry and crumble. / IMAGE 10- Sacher cake Ref: 11849 Sacher Cake is made with love and dedication using only the best sponge cake with apricot marmalade in the center. / IMAGE 11- Whiskey and mango cake Ref: 11847 A traditional layered cake formed by a sponge cake base, mango cream, cocoa sponge cake, whisky cream, and topped with a layer of crème brûlée. / IMAGE 12- Temptation cake Ref: 21884 Made with 2 cocoa sponge cake bases separated by a layer of cocoa cream for a very moist, soft, and spongy result. Coated with cocoa ganache. Pre-cut into 12 portions. / IMAGE 13- Orange cake Ref: 21885 Our orange cake, a very moist cake made with a whopping 26% of natural orange juice, is a refreshing choice. Coated with a thin layer of powdered sugar. / IMAGE 14- Red fruits cheese cake Ref: 11848 Delicious fresh cheese and berry marmalade laid on a magnificent cookie base.