Grante Tropic

  • Country Origin: Azerbaijan
IMAGE 1- Mangosteen drink with chia seeds WATER, MANGOSTEEN JUICE, CHIA SEEDS, SUGAR, THICKENER (E412), ACIDITY REGULATOR - CITRIC ACID, ANTIOXIDANT - ASCORBIC ACID, FLAVOR. / IMAGE 2- Avocado Grante Tropic WATER, AVOCADO JUICE, SUGAR, EMULSIFIER (E471), FLAVORS, COLORANTS. / IMAGE 3- Cocunut water Grante Tropic 100% COCONUT WATER (COCONUT JUICE). / IMAGE 4- Coconut milk Grante Tropic WATER, COCONUT MILK, SUGAR, EMULSIFIER (E473), STABILIZERS (E407, E412), NATURAL FLAVOR. / IMAGE 5- Mango Grante Tropic It is made of selected ripe fruits. The uniqueness of the product is shown in the use of the freshest fruit grown on ecologically safe plantations for its preparation, and no concentrates. / IMAGE 6- White Guava Grante Tropic An exclusive drink is the best way to feel the multifaceted fragrance and taste of exotic fruits! This sweet, juicy, and, of course, useful fruit juice will fill the day with sunny colors of hot summer, and enrich the body with vitamins. / IMAGE 7- Melon Grante Tropic solution for all who decided to cleanse the body and lose weight. The optimal balance of vitamins, pectins, minerals, dietary fiber, fatty acids and organic acids gives a feeling of satiety and lightness. / IMAGE 8- Watermelon Grante Tropic The sweetness and bright aroma of the ripe pulp filled with sunshine can be clearly seen in the perfectly balanced taste of watermelon juice. / IMAGE 9- pineapple Grante Tropic.