Fairtrade Biologische Pyramids / TEA

  • Country Origin: Netherlands
A selection of the best tea flavours in a pyramid shaped teabag. This gives the full leaf quality room to unfold and release the intense taste and smell. There are 5 fairtrade certified blends and 7 fairtrade organic certified blends. We also have presentation material available such as wooden boxes and a dispenser. 100% fairtrade certified tea 7 flavours are also organic certified 100% natural ingredients innovative dispenser carton paper heatseal envelopes for more freshness pyramid shaped teabags teabags without staple FSC certified carton no foil around the individual cartons IMAGE 1- English Blend / IMAGE 2- Earl Grey / IMAGE 3- Forest Fruit / IMAGE 4- Green tea Lemon / IMAGE 5- Minty Morocco / IMAGE 6- Camomile organic / IMAGE 7- Green tea Mint organic / IMAGE 8- Rooibos organic / IMAGE 9- Green tea organic / IMAGE 10- Pu-Erh organic THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON REQUEST / IMAGE 11- Cinnamon organic THIS PRODUCT IS ONLY AVAILABLE ON REQUEST / IMAGE 12- Red Fruit infusion organic THIS PRODUCT IS AVAILABLE ONLY ON REQUEST