• Country Origin: Netherlands
IMAGE 1- BODY GUARD This high quality green tea combined with cinnamon, elderflower and dried lemon zest gives you an energy boost and a delicious aftertaste. This protective tea is the best friend for your body. / IMAGE 2- WELL BEING A fine spice blend with Moringa. This herbal tea is full of antioxidants and vitamins that help empty your head and boost your energy level. It gives you a wonderful feeling. / IMAGE 3- SUPER SHAPE A green tea flavored with citrus, elderflower, nettle and fennel. This 'happy belly' tea supports a healthy intestinal flora and digestion. Stay in shape ... drink tea! / IMAGE 4- CLEAN CARE A beautifully balanced herbal combination with fennel, coriander and rose petals with a fresh hint of lemon zest. This carefully selected organic herbal combination is perfect to start the day or as a relaxing drink when night falls. Be careful ... this tea is too tasty! / IMAGE 5- FIRE FIGHTER An aromatic and warming green tea with ginger, fresh mint and the powerful ingredient turmeric. This beautifully balanced blend is slightly sweet, spicy and fresh. This is the reason that this tea is delicious to drink in both the cold winter months and in the warm summer months. / IMAGE 6- NATURAL BOOST Get ready for the day! Give your energy level a natural boost with this exciting mix of green tea and ginger with a tropical taste. Vitalize your body with a positive vibe. / IMAGE 7- PERFECT BALANCE Spicy and refreshing with the deep, soft taste of Pu-erh tea from the Yunnan region. A perfect balance of flavors that brings you into harmony with yourself. / IMAGE 8- GOOD NIGHT This exceptional blend of the purest herbs gives you a moment of soothing calmness. Chamomile, lemongrass and a hint of lavender give you your well-deserved moment of relaxation. / IMAGE 9- PURE CAMOMILE Tea from wonderfully scented refined flowers, grown on the richest and sunniest soils. Pure chamomile with a relaxing and calming effect. / IMAGE 10- FLORAL LOVE Experience the feeling of inner warmth with every sip of this beautiful flower mix. Take a deep breath, map your path and warm your body with the aromas of hibiscus and rosehip. Feel the love. / IMAGE 11- HELLO TODAY Let the power of nature refresh your senses. Discover the smooth spice mix of peppermint and lime blossom. Made from Mother Nature's best sources. Embrace the day with a fresh start. / IMAGE 12- REFRESH YOURSELF This organic green tea is a delicious mix of pure and natural ingredients. A refreshingly fruity taste with a hint of spice. Refresh yourself and enjoy!