Natural Black Sesame Seed

  • Country Origin: India
Natural Black Sesame Seed The Black Sesame Seed is one of the oldest condiments know to man. Black sesame seeds have a very intense flavour and aroma. These seeds are also the preferred variety for medicinal use. The seeds have been known to be used in traditional Chinese herbal medicine for ages for their nutritional and therapeutic properties. In Japan, whole seeds are found in servings of mixed green vegetables and baked snacks, and this variety of seeds is toasted and used to make gomashio, a dry condiment. Black sesame seeds are also popularly used in Korean cooking to marinate meat and vegetable. Black sesame seeds are used to make black sesame spread, perfect for bread and biscuits. Black sesame powder is often mixed with other foods to add flavour. Black sesame seeds contain the lignans sesamolin and sesamin which are effective antioxidants. They are rich in fibre and phytochemicals, as well as being very rich in calcium. They contain vitamins and minerals, making them beneficial for the liver. They are widely used in treating hair loss and grey hair, inhibiting the growth of skin cancer cells from Ultraviolet (UV) Rays, lowering blood pressure, and helping reduce weight.