• Country Origin: Azerbaijan
IMAGE 1- BELLUS White sparkling win. /IMAGE 2- PEARL sparkling wine “Pearl” sparkling wine combining the features of the sparkling wines was produced from Bayan Shira grape sort. Distinguishing with bright golden color, harmonious taste and bouquet aroma with a fine floral scent. “Pearl” sparkling wine besides being the main drink of parties, it creates a perfect harmony with some desserts, but also can be drunk as an aperitif with a great satisfaction. ]Volume: 0,75l Alcohol: 12% . / IMAGE 3- PEARL POMEGRANATE Pomegranate Sparkling Wine Valas, Bala, Mursal and Gulovsha grapes, grown in the Shirvan region of Azerbaijan were used for the production of this wine and passed through a saturator. For the first time in the history this wine was produced by Az-Granata MMC using new innovative technology. It pairs well with variety of sweet fruits and light desserts. Linolenic acid can easily soak into the blood, that’s why a glass of pomegranate sparkling wine can eliminate radiation within a day. It has strong antioxidant effect. Volume: 0,75l Alcohol: 12% .