• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- TINDY FILLED WITH LEMON CREAM An ultra-sweet delicacy, the fruit of an exclusive recipe. Puff pastry titbits filled with the softest confectioner’s cream in soft food pairings which tickle your palate and let pleasure loose. / IMAGE 2- TINDY FILLED WITH CHOCOLATE CRAEM The noblest and tastiest of fillings in a puff pastry nugget filled with delicious dark chocolate cream. / IMAGE 3- TINDY FILLED WITH HAZELNUT CREAM For breakfast, a break or dessert, a mini puff pastry delight filled with the most classic and softest of creams. / IMAGE 4- TINDY FILLED WITH CAPPUCCINO CREAM Ideal to satisfy the desire for that creamy morning drink at any time of day. A fragrant puff pastry sweet filled with delicious cream. / IMAGE 5- TINDY FILLED WITH STRAWBERRY CREAM As tasty as in a pastry shop, a nugget of puff pastry with a sweet fruity heart. Deliciously genuine, perfect for breakfast, as a snack or together with a coffee.