GRAINS "Vallesol"

  • Country Origin: Peru
IMAGE 1- Corn BAGGING Corn is low in saturated fat and cholesterol as well as in sodium, very interesting properties for any type of healthy diet, but it is also a good source of dietary fiber, thiamine and folic acid, which add health. Vallesol Corn Corn Field, Chullpi, Pop Corn. Presentation 5 kg 500 gr / IMAGE 2- Andean grains BAGGING Andean grains concentrate more protein than any other cereal. Its high nutritional content consists of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals and an excellent quality of amino acids that influence brain development. Andean Grains Vallesol Quinoa, Chia, Kiwicha, Wheat Mote, Slipped Wheat, Moron, Barley, Cañihua, Dry Potato. Presentation 5 kg 500 gr