• Country Origin: Poland
As a recognized producer of gluten-free and low-protein foods, we meet the needs of all those who want to be prepared for every culinary situation at home, in their hotel, shop or restaurant. Our widest range of gluten-free bread have just been widened with deep-frozen products - loafs, rolls, baguettes and ciabatta for bake off. You can store them in the freezer for up to a year and have on hand wherever you need delicious and safe gluten-free meals. Our bread is frozen right after baking, so even baked off, is as fresh as when removed from the oven. All you need is to heat it for a while and you can serve them to guests, e.g. during a hotel breakfast or as an ingredient of your restaurant dishes. Deep-frozen bread, just like the rest of our products, does not contain gluten, so it can be consumed by people who for various reasons must exclude it from the diet. IMAGE 1- BAUERNBROT ROYAL BREAD / IMAGE 2- CIABATTA RUSTICA / IMAGE 3- CIABATTA / IMAGE 4- MINI BAGUETTE / IMAGE 5- MUFFIN WITH CHOCOLATE