• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- FIBRA&GUSTO CEREALI Savoury shortbread made with cereal and high fibre content / IMAGE 2- FIBRA&GUSTO CEREALI & FRUTTA Savoury shortbread with high fibre content and a subtle fruit flavour / IMAGE 3- FIBRA&GUSTO CEREALI & CIOCCOLATO Shortbread made with with cereal and delicious chocolate / IMAGE 4- NOVELLINI The traditional recipe with fresh Italian milk and honey / IMAGE 5- CIOKO NOVELLINI The lightness of the classic Novellini meets the pleasure of chocolate / IMAGE 6- VITA MIA WITH CHOCOLATE CHIPS Light and delicious shortbread, with no added sugar but delicious chocolate chips / IMAGE 7- VITA MIA NO ADDED SUGARS* Light delicious shortbread, with no added sugar, in pratical one-servings. / IMAGE 8- VITA MIA CEREAL Light delicious shortbread, with no added sugar and 6% fibre. / IMAGE 9- VITA MIA RICE & RED BERRIES The sweet flavour of red fruits in a light shortbread, to stay healthy without compromising on taste.