• Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Blanched Almond Paste A very tasty and aromatic cream obtained from ground blanched raw almonds. It is an essential product for the manufacture of ice creams and is also used in fillings, chocolates and turrón. / IMAGE 2- Whole Blanched Almond Its perfect uniformity in shape and colour turn it into an indispensable ingredient when the look is as important as taste. / IMAGE 3- Diced blanched almonds Regular, uniform and carefully prepared. Blanched almond cubes are perfect to cover many of the most sophisticated confectionery products. / IMAGE 4- Sliced Blanched Almonds A more innovative but equally attractive and delicious way to cover many confectionery products. They provide an appealing and eye-catching look to any cake. / IMAGE 5- Slivered Blanched Almonds Regular, big and tasty. Our blanched almond sticks are an indispensable supplement in bakery. / IMAGE 6- Blanched Almond Meal A classic product that offers the best quality to obtain great results baking almond pies and sponge cakes. / IMAGE 7- Roasted Diced Blanched Almonds With two options of size. It gives a sumptuous and attractive coating to cakes and in particular to ice creams, where it allows a contrast between flavours and textures. / IMAGE 8- Roasted Sliced Blanched Almonds These sheets, with their regular and fine cut, are especially appropriate for the coating and decoration of ice creams, biscuits and semifreddos. / IMAGE 9- Roasted Slivered Blanched Almonds They are indispensable in half-frozen confectionery and ice creams. In particular for the covering of cones and almond chocolates, where they enhance the flavour of chocolate itself. / IMAGE 10- Blanched Almonds Splits Blanched almonds splits contribute to a perfect presentation and are an essential ingredient when the look is as important as taste. Roasted Blanched Almonds Splits A new format, crunchy and convenient, with an intense flavour, an indispensable classic in confectionery and cooking. / IMAGE 11- Natural Almond Meal An interesting variation of the classic almond meal, used since time immemorial in confectionery and baking. It gives a new texture and a different flavour to cakes. / IMAGE 12- Natural Almond Paste A thick, aromatic and delicious cream, essential in some confectionery specialities, such as filled chocolates. / IMAGE 13- Whole Natural Almond A sweet flavour and unique texture turn the whole natural almond into an essential ingredient for the manufacture of dragées, chocolates, sweets… and also for the manufacture of crunchy and delicious snacks. / IMAGE 14- Almond Praline The surprising taste and appealing flavour of praline, turned into a paste, ready to use in the most varied confectionery products. / IMAGE 15- Roasted Whole Almond Uniform, with a regular size, crunchy and with the intense flavour of the most exclusive roasted almonds. Perfect for confectionery and cooking.