• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Gocciolotto Pandoro / IMAGE 2- PANETTONE MR CHOCOLATE Irresistible goodness: extra-chunky dark chocolate and delicious milk chocolate cream covered by a layer of milk chocolate and decorated with crunchy flakes of cocoa beans / IMAGE 3- GRAN ORANGE PANETTONE A unique specialty: panettone filled with cream made from orange liqueur, covered with dark chocolate and decorated with milk chocolate / IMAGE 4- MAXICIOK PANETTONE delicious chocolate both inside and out, decorated with dark chocolate shavings. / IMAGE 5- White MaxiCiok - Panettone For those with a sweet tooth: filled with white and dark chocolate creams, covered with dark chocolate and decorated with white chocolate shavings / IMAGE 6- Panettone Gianduia a “gianduia chocolate” cream, covered with milk and dark chocolate and decorated with meringue, amaretto and hazelnut. / IMAGE 7- PANDORO MAXICIOK PISTACCHIO & NOCCIOLA Pandoro filled with delicious pistachio and hazelnut creams, covered with dark chocolate and caramelised pistachio grains. / IMAGE 8- MaxiCiok Double Pandoro Chocolate cream and double coating with dark chocolate and crunchy milk chocolate chips: a double pleasure! / IMAGE 9- Lemondoro Pandoro The fluffy and aromatic texture of the Balocco Pandoro, with a delicate lemon cream and a sprinkling of icing sugar / IMAGE 10- CiocoParty Pandoro a heart of milk chocolate cream and double coating of milk and dark chocolate / IMAGE 11- CiokoPanna Pandoro The traditional Balocco Pandoro with a double cream and chocolate filling and a sprinkling of sweetened cocoa powder / IMAGE 12- COLOMBA SPAGNOLA A Colomba filled with cream and black cherry jam, covered with milk chocolate and tasty macaroon, meringue, and hazelnuts / IMAGE 13- COLOMBA TIRAMISÙ The dessert of the Italian tradition: a soft pastry soaked with coffee, filled with mascarpone and coffee creams, with cocoa powder / IMAGE 14- COLOMBA MAXICIOK A heart and cover of dark chocolate / IMAGE 15- COLOMBA MAXICIOK WHITE A tempting offer: with a rich filling of white and dark chocolate cream, covered in dark chocolate and white-chocolate curls / IMAGE 16- COLOMBA LEMONDORO The soft and aromatic Colomba Balocco is filled with a light lemon cream and a dusting of icing sugar. / IMAGE 17- COLOMBA CIOKOPANNA Colomba filled with a double filling with cream and chocolate, covered in milk chocolate and garnished with dark chocolate