• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Boy & Girls Eggs 150g The most popular gift for children, with many fun games to share with friends. / IMAGE 2- Tom & Jerry 150g An egg designed for children: with many surprises with the funny Tom&Jerry characters. / IMAGE 3- The smurfs 150g With our surprises and a bit of imagination, every child can enter in the magic Smurfs’ world and discover how smurf together / IMAGE 4- DOROTHY E LE MERAVIGLIE DI OZ 150G An egg designed for little girls: a lot of surprises with Dorothy and her friends. / IMAGE 5- Wacky Races 150g An egg designed for little boys: a lot of full throttle surprises / IMAGE 6- Spirit 150g An egg designed for little girls: a lot of surprises of Spirit, cured in every detail. / IMAGE 7- DE AGOSTINI SAVANNAH AND SEA FRIENDS 150G An egg with a double surprise: one inside and the other on the website where you will find many games and educational content! / IMAGE 8- Dragon Trainer240g An egg designed for little boys: with many surprises Dragon Trainers signed / IMAGE 9- Curious George 240g Discover the world alongside George the monkey, a friend to the curious children all across the world! / IMAGE 10- Sissi 240g An egg dedicated to Sissi, the timeless princess, a special gift to delight all of today’s little princess. / IMAGE 11- Yo-Kai Watch 240g Get carried away in the adventurous world of Yo-Kais with this special egg! / IMAGE 12- Santoro - Gorjuss 240g Enter the sophisticated world of Santoro, Gorjuss, with many unique surprises / IMAGE 13- TY 240g An egg for all children, with many hand-painted surprises to collect. / IMAGE 14- Hatchlings 240g An egg for all children, with many fantastic surprises to collect. / IMAGE 15- Juventus 240g The official egg with exclusive surprises all designed by Juventus, which allow you to be with your favourite team even at Easter! / IMAGE 16- Moto GP 240g An egg designed for fans of speed and adrenaline, for a world of goodies with samples and the emotion of Moto GP! Many surprises at full throttle