Bio honey

  • Country Origin: Romania
IMAGE 1- Multiflower BIO honey Ambalaj: 250g, 500g Detalii: MULTYFLOWER HONEY has it’s origin in the Transylvania Plateau riche in a various flora of wild flowers. It is quite bright with hues of amber. The smell shows a well-established bunch of hues that is obvious by the multi coloring ranges. It is recommended for the nourishment of infants, younger children and older people. Flower honey is especially recommended to those who have heart problems and those who suffer from low blood pressure. / IMAGE 2- Acacia BIO honey Ambalaj: 250g, 500g Detalii: Bio Acacia Honey – has it’s origine in acacia forests from Transylvania Plateau. It is easy to recognize, with a white-yellow color, very beautiful, bright and translucent. Its smell a bit persistent showing the same elegance and refinement of acacia flower. It is considered a honey of the highest quality. Acacia honey can be very useful for a sick child, and may also be successful in getting sick people to start eating again, because the main sugar in honey (glucose and fructose) are absorbed directly into the blood. This honey is more appreciated by children because it taste sweeter and it doesn’t have any particular, strong flavour like the other ranges