Dried Apricots

  • Country Origin: Turkey
Dried Apricots Organic and inorganic materials are favorable to health.Apricot high amounts of sugar, starch, proteins, pectin, cellulose pectose, organic substances, vitamins, acids, organic and inorganic substances.Apricots rich in minerals , potassium , vitamins and beta carotene. Vitamin A, the body and organs surrounding epithelial tissue, eye health, with the development of bones and teeth is required for operation of the endocrine glands.Apricot diet of 200-250 grams per day of vitamin A consumption is enough oil contains 1 / 3rd of the meet. In addition, very little sodium and potassium present in apricots can help in the preparation of some special diet.Sodium and potassium are required for the osmotic pressure of body fluids and acid-base balance.Sodium accumulation in the body leads to edema.Potassium deficiency is the lack of glycogen seen.Apricots in sodium restricted diet, for example, in congestive heart failure, kidney disease, cirrhosis, hepatitis acid to be collected and can easily be used in people undergoing long-term corticosteroid therapy. Our company is the domestic market and export of dried apricot production, packaging, sells and exports.