Special Honey

  • Country Origin: Romania
IMAGE 1- Mentha Honey Ambalaj: 350g Detalii: 100% Romanian natural Honey Mint honey is a honey with a special flavor, but it is still very little of the strong aroma of peppermint leaves, which is obtained from the peppermint pollen. This type of honey has a viscous consistency and crystallizes into small, incomplete granules. It contains a large amount of vitamin C and volatile oils. Mint is a very well-known aromatic plant for beneficial properties on the body. It contains an increased level of essential menthol essential oil. Mint reduces muscle contractions that cause gas, swelling and abdominal bloating. That’s why mint tea is recommended sweetened with honey and consumed after meal to improve digestion. Due to its antispasmodic properties, this type of honey also has an effect on intestinal colic and regulates the amount of bile eliminated in the case of bile dyskinesia. Mint honey is greenish-brown-reddish and the specific flavor of the plant from which it comes from / IMAGE 2- Forest honey Ambalaj: glass jars: 275g Detalii: ROUA FLORILOR glass jars: 275g Forest honey proceed mainly from other parts of the plans than their flower (from the branches and leaves of the beech tree, ash tree and oak tree) in mixture with the forest flower’s nectar. This honey has different ingredients than nectar honey and it is always of a dark to black color and it has a specific aroma. It is the only honey that does not contain pollen, therefore it is indicated for the persons who are allergic to pollen. Forest honey is extremely rich in proteins, amino acids and minerals (even 12 up to 20 times more than other honey varieties). Because of it content of calcium and magnesium, this honey is highly recommendable to children, persons with anemia and convalescent patients. Due to the revitalizing properties, it is recommended for the sportsmen and the active people.It has laxative properties stronger than any other honey and it helps your body eliminate toxins. / IMAGE 3- Thyme honey Ambalaj: glass jars: 275g Detalii: ROUA FLORILOR glass jars: 275g Thyme honey is a 100% natural honey, without any kind of flavors or supplements, and it’s obtained from the natural fields of Wild – Thyme or from the intensive crops of Culture – Thyme, in the flowering period, both being aromatic plants with well known therapeutic properties. It is a very tasty honey due of its bunch of flower, bright golden color The thyme honey activates blood circulation, it is a tonic for anemia conditions and also an aphrodisiac. Due to the volatile oil contained by the thyme plant, this honey it is recommended for the treatments of whooping cough, bronchitis, hoarseness and asthmatic cough. Having a very strong antiseptic action, thyme honey can improve the function of liver and kidney. Because of antiseptic properties of thyme, honey can be used in wounds and other skin infections / IMAGE 4- Raspberry honey Ambalaj: glass jars: 275g Detalii: ROUA FLORILOR glass jars: 275g Raspberry honey – is part of so called forest ranges – it is 100%natural, without any kind of flavors or supplements. Is ts obtained by the beekeepers who keep their bees around the raspberry intense crops, in the flowering period. It has a discreet (soft) aroma, yellow color with a soft shade of green , red or brown. It is fresh smelling, pleasant tasty and sweet. It is recommended to sweeten the teas used as remedy for flu conditions, coughing and cold. It can adjust the ovary function, prevent some diseases like osteoporoze and sclerodermia, and it is know as a rejuvenation for the skin, used in cosmetic treatments. / IMAGE 5- Eucalyptus honey Ambalaj: glass jars: 250g Detalii: Imported from Portugal Honey produced by bees from the nectar out of eucliptus flower (Eucaliptos globulus). Traditionally, it is used to stop coughuing and against inflammation of respiratoty tracts, bronchitis, flu, colds, tuberculosis. It is balsamic and ideal for sore throats and people who smoke. It is also benefitial in cases of infected urinary tracts and the expulsion of gallstones / IMAGE 6- Lavender honey Ambalaj: glass jars: 250g Detalii: Imported from France Lavender honey is produced from the nectar out of lavender flower (Lavandula Angustifolia Mili y Lavandula Latifolia Hill). The only difference with the rest of honey types is that it is characterised by having a high sucrose content and a special disacaridae, enlosa, as well as a defining aroma and bright colour.It is an excellent antiseptic for the bronchi and the lungs. Recommended for people with heart problems, melancholic and neuroasthenic ones. Vermifuge, anti-infectious, diuretic and sudoriferous. / IMAGE 7- Chestnut honey Ambalaj: glass jars: 250g Detalii: Imported from France It is produced by bees from chestnut tree flowers, in the south of ITALY. The flavor is unique, not very sweet and with an almost bitter aftertaste and very persistent, highly appreciated by those who like a strong, less sweet honey. Rich in pollen content, mineral salts and tannin, with a high proportion of fructose that resists crystallization and a relatively low acidity. Dark in color, ranging from yellowish brown to almost black, sometimes with amber hues, it has an aromatic, pungent herbal aroma and taste and slightly tannic (due to the tannin in the tree). Chestnut honey is widely appreciated due to its unique bitter taste and its benefitial properties on respiratory tracts. / IMAGE 8- Anise honey Ambalaj: 250g jar Detalii: Imported from Spain The medicinal properties of this herb were known long ago in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. It has dark brown colour, without any fragrance and with high acidity. It is generally used as a digestive stimulant and expectorant for coughs. / IMAGE 9- Almond Tree Flower Honey Ambalaj: 250g jar Detalii: Imported from Spain This delicious honey from the almond tree flower (Prunus amygdalus) has a floral, clear and quite persistent aroma, with a distinctive fruity component and notes that remind us of the raw almond. Sweet taste occasionally with sour notes. Does no crystallize very quickly and finally forms very fine crystals. It helps with heavy digestions. / IMAGE 10- Acacia honey with walnut Ambalaj: 250g jar Detalii: 250g jar Walnuts are excellent source of fat acids Omega 3, 50gr walnut offering 90% of daily amount. Walnuts contain arginin, an essential aminoacide which helps reducing high blood pressure. • Walnuts with honey mixture can be more easily digestible by organism, honey being astringent balances fat acids in walnuts. / IMAGE 11- Acacia honey with goji fruit Ambalaj: 250g jar Detalii: 250g jar Goji fruit is a Tibetan treasure, known as “longevity fruit”. Strong antioxidant, strengthens cardiac muscle and immunitary system, reduces effects of aging process. • Has a rich content of vitamin c, B1, B2, B6, as well as vitamin E –very rarely found in food. • Total calories: 370 kCal / 100gr dry fruit / IMAGE 12- Honey with Royal jelly Ambalaj: 250g jar Detalii: 250g jar Royal jelly contains proteins, essential amino-acids, carbohydrates, fat acids, B5 vitamin, minerals (Ca, Mg, Fe), A vitamin, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E, K. • Honey combination with 2% concentration of royal jelly ideal for immunity stimulation and a cure of energy and vitality. Recommended for use 3 spoons / day, after main daily meals, but not after18.00 o’clock.