• Country Origin: Lebanon
IMAGE 1- Bicarbonate Aruba Soda Bicarbonate is the perfect product to raise soda breads and full-flavored cakes such as gingerbread, fruit cake, chocolate cake and carrot cake. / IMAGE 2- Grated Coconut Aruba Grated Coconut can be used as an ingredient in savory and sweet recipes both to impart a coconut flavor and texture and as a topping or coating to decorate your homemade treats making them more appealing. / IMAGE 3- Icing Sugar Aruba Icing Powder is a non-melting form of icing sugar, useful for retaining its structure when dusted onto cakes or pastries that require refrigeration. It is mostly used for decorative purposes / IMAGE 4- Rice Powder Aruba Rice Powder is suitable for sauces, sweets and infant food giving each the needed texture.