• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Fresh Produce - CARROT In the "Fresco" line, the washed product is subsequently selected and packaged according to the different sizes and sizes. Thanks to an efficient process in the production chain, it is possible to obtain high levels of quality and calibration, in accordance with the customer's requests. Aureli supplies the following product lines for the "fresh line": small carrots in a tray and carrots in bags / IMAGE 2- Fresh Produce - BLACK CARROT The Black Carrot is a valid alternative to the traditional orange carrot, it comes from the same family, but it has a greater nutritional power; it is considered one of the most powerful vegetables in the world for its health benefits due to high levels of anthocyanins. Aureli presents the Black Carrot in practical packs of different sizes: 1 kg bag, retail, standard gauge carrots - 450 g tray, for vinaigrette and raw vegetables, small caliber carrots - in large bulk containers, for use I, medium caliber carrots. / IMAGE 3- Fresh Produce - CAROTA GIALLA This carrot variety has an intense yellow colour, with excellent taste and flavour.It is a biennial herbaceous species, that can reach up to 1 mt high which in the second develops an erect stem. Health benefits: contains xanthophylls and especially lutein. / IMAGE 4- Fresh Produce - FENNEL The Fucino area is particularly suited for the cultivation of fennel, which here develops excellent organoleptic and aromatic qualities, others with an incredible fragrance and flavor. In particular the characteristics that distinguish it are the crunchiness and the particularly round shape. The purifying and diuretic properties of fennel are recognized. Remember that it is also an important source of potassium.