The Auricchio Brand Products / CHEESE

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Provolone piccante The unique taste of Auricchio Provolone Piccante (Sharp Provolone) is world famous and makes it immediately recognizable among all other cheeses. It is recommended as an appetizer, grated over pasta or shaved over fresh carpaccio. It is considered one of the most famous and appreciated of local Italian cheeses. / IMAGE 2- The Auricchio Brand Products CHEESE A blue texture characterizes this cheese up to its thinnest slice. A perfect ingredient for Italian cuisine, Provolone Dolce (Mild Provolone) is particularly suited for pizza, melted over meat dishes, sliced in toasted sandwiches or even in quick and easy recipes. Discover all of Auricchio’s ideas in our handy recipe book: An inviting appetizer? Look no further, prepare some mixed vegetable croquettes with Provolone Dolce (Mild Provolone). / IMAGE 3- Provolone giovane Soft and delicate thanks to its short maturing period, Auricchio Giovane (Young Provolone) is still produced today following the ancient and traditional recipe of Auricchio Provolone. / IMAGE 4- Provolone stravecchio The taste of the centuries-old tradition of Provolone Auricchio (Extra-sharp Provolone) is available in three distinctive shapes: Zuccotto, Affettato and Provolettone. / IMAGE 5- Le Provolizie Thin slices of Auricchio (Dolce, Piccante or Affumicato), without preservatives, ideal for pizza, savory cakes, recipes with puff pastry, sandwiches and for many other dishes needing a “stringy” cheese. Those who have imagination in the kitchen will finally be able to give their inspiration free rein and amaze friends with delicious and original Auricchio ideas. Discover all our Auricchio tips in our practical recipe book: just two Auricchio Provolizie slices are sufficient to delight your friends with our carrot gnocchi with provolone! / IMAGE 6- Provolone gustoso A soft texture and a slightly piquant flavor: Auricchio Gustoso is produced following the recipe for Provolone Piccante but differs in its shorter ageing period. / IMAGE 7- Inforna e gusta A slice of Provolone Dolce (Mild Provolone) in an exclusive terracotta bowl to rediscover all the flavor of a simple and tasty ancient dish. / IMAGE 8- Auricchietto Without lactose and preservatives, Auricchietto is a sweet, stretched curd cheese made from premium quality milk.