Riserva Esclusiva / CHEESE

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- PECORINO ROMANO P.D.O. Pecorino Romano P.D.O., produced in Sardinia, has a centuries-old tradition. Matured and fragrant, it is available au naturel or with the typical dark cappatura. It is a hard cheese, white or straw-yellow in color, whose typical aroma is reminiscent of sheep’s milk. Its characteristic flavor is aromatic and slightly piquant for a table cheese; Pecorino Romano, which is meant to be grated, is, however, piquant, intense and delightful thanks to a longer maturing. / IMAGE 2- PARMIGIANO REGGIANO P.D.O. Parmigiano Reggiano D.O.P., an artisan product with an unmistakable flavor and aroma, is among the most renowned and appreciated cheeses in the world. Auricchio further chooses quality and maturing to offer a choice product with a unique taste. Rich in nutrients, Parmigiano Reggiano is a cheese rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. Extremely good, highly digestible and absolutely natural, it is recommended in all diets. Perfect for quick and easy recipes: from starters to appetizers that can be enjoyed every day, to the most exclusive combinations for the most elaborate of dinners. / IMAGE 3- GRANA PADANO P.D.O. The best seller among P.D.O. cheeses, it is a perfect synthesis between tastiness and authenticity. Our Exclusive Reserve Grana Padano is selected to offer consistency in quality and taste. It is an excellent natural food, able to provide the nutrients needed for a healthy and balanced diet. Suitable for light and tasty first and second courses, but with a strong taste: from the classic dish with bresaola and rocket to cheese creams or elaborate and crispy baskets. / IMAGE 4- Pecorini stagionati Thanks to a strong and assured taste, the typical sheep milk cheeses of the Italian tradition selected by Auricchio enrich the taste of unique and mouthwatering dishes. / IMAGE 5- Caciotte fresche Auricchio exclusive reserve’s Caciotte fresche (Fresh Caciotta cheese) offers the dining table new shapes and colors to complement light and delicious dishes. From salads and light recipes to grilled vegetables and fresh dishes. Caciotta is an ideal cheese to flavor both first and second courses, such as crepes and savory pies, enhancing quick but tasty dinners. / IMAGE 6- Ricotta salata Great as a table cheese, but also as an ingredient for first and second courses or grated on to pasta. / IMAGE 7- Asiago D.O.P. A typical table cheese of the Italian tradition, branded and controlled by the Consorzio Tutela Formaggio Asiago, guaranteed and signed by Auricchio Exclusive Reserve. Asiago D.O.P. pressed cheese, aged 5 weeks, is recommended for the most discerning of palates. The white or slightly straw-colored cheese has a structure with marked and irregular eyes. It is suitable both as a table cheese and as an ingredient in tasty mixed salads, savory pies and quick summer recipes due to its delicate taste. Its white or light yellow paste features a structure with marked, irregular eye-holes. For its delicate taste it is ideal both as table cheese and as ingredient in tasty mixed salads, savoury pies and quick summer dishes. / IMAGE 8- Ancoretto Enjoyed as part of a meal or grated on top, this is a cow's cheese which is cured in about 4 months.