Giovanni Colombo / CHEESE

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Cremificato Gorgonzola Dolce D.O.P. Colombo’s Cremificato sets itself apart thanks to its exclusive formula: its creamy texture and delicious flavor have brought this Gorgonzola fame all over the world. / IMAGE 2- Gorgonzola Piccante D.O.P. A large typical blue cheese, with a characteristic flavor. / IMAGE 3- TALEGGIO P.D.O. Soft cheese with a unique, intense flavor. / IMAGE 4- Quartirolo Lombardo D.O.P. Fresh table cheese with a delicate and characteristic flavor. / IMAGE 5- Scamorza Stretched curd cheese, available white and smoked. / IMAGE 6- Mascarpone Made from cream. The structure is creamy, soft and spreadable. The taste is sweet. / IMAGE 7- Ricotta Fresh and light product to be enjoyed as it comes or as an ingredient in the kitchen as an essential component of many recipes.