Whole Leaf Pyramids

  • Country Origin: United Kingdom
IMAGE 1- ROYAL EARL GREY TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS Earl Grey is a traditional English tea and this refined blend exemplifies why it has such lasting appeal. It produces a smooth and refined character that exudes elegance with the inclusion of award-winning bergamot. / IMAGE 2- ROYAL BREAKFAST TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS The ultimate British cup of tea from the masters of Ahmad tea with an exquisite blend of select tealeaves. Specially selected Assam is included for its rich malty flavour to add bold notes to the brew. / IMAGE 3- CHUN MEE LEAF GREEN TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS An excellent choice those who like a stronger brew while still enjoying delicate flavours. Can be served with touch of lemon, honey, or fresh mint. Try it both hot or cold. A versatile drink that you will love from the first sip. One of Ahmad Tea’s most unique blends. / IMAGE 4- MIDNIGHT JASMINE BLOSSOM GREEN TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS Can serve as the starting point to your day or unwind at night-time for a soothing bedtime drink. Each box contains 15 Whole Leaf Pyramid Tea Bags. / IMAGE 5- MOROCCAN MINT MAJESTY GREEN TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS This blend features specially selected Chun Mee leaf to create a base of the tea with the finest-quality green tea leaf. It's then expertly combined with the naturally fresh taste of spearmint to create long lasting notes of fresh mint that linger pleasantly on the palate. / IMAGE 6- STRAWBERRY MINT MEDLEY GREEN TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS The base of this blend starts with fresh green tea. It not only contains a wonderful flavour but many health benefits too. / IMAGE 7- CAMOMILE & HONEY INFUSION - PYRAMID TEABAGS A harmonious tea full of naturally calming camomile, a herb known for its relaxing properties to soothe and relax you. / IMAGE 8- LEMON & GINGER INFUSION - PYRAMID TEABAGS Because this tea is naturally caffeine free, you can enjoy it whenever you need a little bit of extra pep in your step to make the most the day. / IMAGE 9- DOUBLE MINT & LIQUORICE INFUSION - PYRAMID TEABAGS This masterful infusion will let you fully appreciate the depth of flavour this treasured herb is revered for. We don't stop there, though. A dash of lovely liquorice and tasty fennel is added to give a sweet aftertaste and will linger pleasantly on your palette. / IMAGE 10- GARDEN DETOX INFUSION - PYRAMID TEABAGS he flavours sing together harmoniously to provide a refined and elegant flavour. The blend is not only a delight to the senses but will help cleanse the body, aid with digestion, and boost vitality. A truly a magnificent tea to purify and raise your vitality to new heights. / IMAGE 11- MOROCCAN ORANGE SLICE DESSERT TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS inspired by the exotic flavours of warm Morocco nights this is a blend that will wrap you in a vibrant warmth. / IMAGE 12- PEAR & CINNAMON STRUDEL DESSERT TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS it's a delicious combo of sweet ripe pear and warm spicy cinnamon, a truly sumptuous combination. We then take select estate Ceylon tea for a hint of brightness, and then introduce the bold notes of Assam tea to give it a rich brisk base. / IMAGE 13- STRAWBERRY VELVET CAKE DESSERT TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS A mix of bold and fragrant notes that results in a sublime combination raising the strawberry and vanilla to new heights. This fabulous take on of one of Britain's most loved treats will have you revelling in how scrumptious it tastes. / IMAGE 14- CITRUS MINT SORBET DESSERT GREEN TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS We combine the flavours of zesty lemon, the subtle natural sweetness of mint, and tangy grapefruit for an added touch of tartness. The concoction is completed with a base of our finest quality Chinese green tea sourced from the far reaches of the East. Makes a perfect after dinner treat to refresh your palate and help digestion. / IMAGE 15- MANGO & LYCHEE SOUFFLÉ DESSERT GREEN TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS Escape to an exotic land with this fusion of two delicious fruits and green tea. Succulent and juicy mango provides a soft sweetness. It's complemented with crisp lychee for a subtle tang and balance of flavour. We then source the finest Chinese green tea picked for its subtle and smooth taste to serve as the perfect backdrop to the exotic fruits. / IMAGE 16- STRAWBERRY & BASIL COULIS DESSERT GREEN TEA - PYRAMID TEABAGS This is a tremendous blend will deliver on every dimension of taste. A complex and satisfying cup of tea perfect for a late afternoon treat or dinner time dessert. / IMAGE 17- TRIO OF DESSERT BLACK TEAS – 45 PYRAMID TEABAGS / IMAGE 18- TRIO OF DESSERT GREEN TEAS – 45 PYRAMID TEABAGS