Gloria / CHEESE

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- PECORINO ROMANO P.D.O. One of Italian cuisine’s most prestigious cheeses and perfect for thousands of recipes: pasta, risotto, salads, summer dishes and tasty appetizers which are quick to prepare.Produced in Sardinia, it is one of the most prestigious cheeses in the Italian tradition. Available au naturel or with the typical dark cappatura. Exported all over the world, it is primarily grated, although its characteristic flavor also makes it delightful as a table cheese. / IMAGE 2- Pecorini freschi A table cheese, with a soft texture and a short maturing period of four or six weeks. The taste is sweet and aromatic. Novella is our version with added chili pepper. / IMAGE 3- RICOTTE SALATE A table cheese that, due to its compactness, can also be used grated on pasta and in the preparation of Mediterranean dishes. / IMAGE 4- Pecorini Stagionati Thanks to a strong and assured taste, the typical sheep milk cheeses of the Italian tradition selected by Auricchio enrich the taste of unique and mouthwatering dishes. Bucaro Pecorino Calcagno is produced in large wheels of 15 kg and is available also in the variety with black pepper grains within the paste. It comes with its typical basket-like rind carved in stripes, and after about 5 months ageing it acquires a distinctive, spicy flavour. Sirbone Pecorino Stagionato cheese is available in the varieties Foggiano by 5 kg, Crotonese by 1,8 kg and Moliterno by 2,2 kg approximately. All of them are aged for over 3 months and come with their basket-like rind carved in stripes. Typical pecorino cheeses of Italian tradition have been selected by Auricchio to enrich your recipes with a strong, marked flavour: from pasta to risotto, meat main courses and cheese pies.