• Country Origin: Belgium
IMAGE 1- Chutneys and Confits In order to achieve truly flavoursome confits, we carefully choose each and every ingredient. Our confits beautifully complement meat, patés, game and foie gras. Try them in your game sauces or to glaze poultry and meat, and you’ll discover how these delectable condiments will become an absolute essential in your kitchen. They also work wonders with charcuterie and cheese. RANGE/VARIATIONS Mulhouse Onion, Onion & Raspberry, Wild Lingonberry, Purple Figs, Figs & Port, Spicy Mango, Tomato & Basil WEIGHT/VOLUME 180g – 880g – 1300 / IMAGE 2- Fruit Balsamic Glaze We lovingly created this ‘fruit and balsamic’ reduction to satisfy foodies everywhere. Now, anyone can be a chef in their own home by using Belberry’s Fruit and Balsamic Glaze to create beautifully presented, delicious delights. Fruit salads and the like will never be the same again. Ever. RANGE/VARIATIONS Sweet raspberry, Alphonso mango, Wild lemon, Purple fig, Seville orange WEIGHT/VOLUME 250ml / IMAGE 3- Fruit Pulp Vinegars Mix our vinegar of your choice with some extra virgin olive oil and you’ll have a fresh, pulp-filled dressing perfect for salads, beef or tuna carpaccio, Asian inspired recipes, and other cold dishes. For a great sauce, deglaze with our mango or raspberry flavours after cooking meat or poultry. Our vinegars can also be used to prepare a marinade or you can drizzle some over cooked dishes such as grilled king prawns and vegetables. Mouth-wateringly healthy. RANGE/VARIATIONS Sweet Raspberry, Indian Mango, Black Currant, Fresh Lime, Sweet Tomato, Kalamansi Citrus, Green Cucumber WEIGHT/VOLUME 200ml – 1000ml / IMAGE 4- Gourmet Sauces and Ketchups We turned an everyday favourite into a genuinely gourmet table condiment. Try our unique blends of flavours on cheese-topped burgers, with grilled meat or as dipping sauce for your French fries and tortillas. Our artisan ketchups can also be a basis for your sauces and dressings. Get inspired and create your own favourite. RANGE/VARIATIONS Spicy Mango Gourmet sauce, Bloody Beetroot Gourmet sauce, Yellow Bell Pepper Gourmet sauce, San Marzano Tomato Ketchup, Smoked Tomato Ketchup, Jalapeño Tomato Ketchup WEIGHT/VOLUME 250ml – 1000ml / IMAGE 5- Moroccan Preserved Lemons Looking for that tiny detail to spice up your Mediterranean dishes? Our Moroccan Preserved Lemons are sure to excite foodies everywhere. Rinse them quickly under cool water, to remove excess salt, and add a quarter or two to your tagine or couscous. These lemons are also delicious in fish or seafood sauces. The longer the lemons are left to simmer, the tangier your sauce will be. They will add a sunny, lemony touch to stews, dressings and sauces. An absolute must for entertaining in true culinary style. / IMAGE 6- Fruit Coulis These fruit sauces boast extremely authentic and intense flavours. They add a delicious finishing touch to ice cream, pound cake, yoghurt, fresh fruit or a rich chocolate dessert. Along with our jams and marmalades, the fruit sauces have always been favourites of our range. Know-how, tradition plus a very high percentage of fruit have combined to allow us to create rich, mouth-watering flavours. They add a refined touch to your all kind of desserts. RANGE/VARIATIONS Strawberry, Raspberry, Seville Orange, Pineapple & Coconut, Mango & Passion Fruit, Black Currant WEIGHT/VOLUME 250ml