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  • Country Origin: Serbia
IMAGE 1- Whole wheat sticks with sesame seed Weight: 100g Open, sesame! And the door opens. Behind them – a treasure! Not golden coins and diamonds, but sesame. And it shines, nourishes, cleans and protects. Need we say more? We can never have enough. / IMAGE 2- Whole wheat bars with sunflower seed Sunflower follows the Sun, while our eyes follow the wheat bars. Especially when there are only three left, then two, then – quickly, it’s the last one! And then – our skin shines, our immune system sings! Selenium, calcium, magnesium, copper. Sunflower seeds are considered a superfood for a reason. / IMAGE 3- Whole wheat bars with pumpkin seed The miraculous green seeds make up a fifth of these bars. And rightly so! They are rich in proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins E and B3, magnesium. They contain only good cholesterol. Scientists say they can lift our mood, while we have proved that, with the right company, they can put smiles on our faces. / IMAGE 4- Whole grain mix Weight: 95 g Two types of flour, three shapes of crackers, four types of seed. Dominated by whole grain flour, with a special flavor that comes from the mix of sunflower, peanut, caraway and sesame seeds. A rich, nutritionally exceptional mix. Just the way we like it in the Basket family / IMAGE 5- Sticks with sesame and poppy seed Weight: 100g Poppy makes them speckled, sesame makes them crunchy, wine makes them curly. This mix is nutritionally exciting, rich in flavor and enchanting in appearance. Inviting at first sight and first bite. Nourishes your immune system and provides you with fibers, calcium and good mood. / IMAGE 6- Spelt sticks Weight: 100 g When we say ‘contains spelt’, we really mean it. For these sticks we use nothing but spelt flour. The reason for that is twofold: it is low in gluten and fats. However, it is rich in proteins, fibers and B-group vitamins. We have also added flax, sesame and sunflower seeds for a well-rounded delight. / IMAGE 7- Mr. Rye Named after rye flour. Mildly sweet. Rich in hazelnuts, cinnamon and fructose, Mr. Rye will find his way to anyone’s heart. Your immune system will greet him with joy, knowing what he brings along. / IMAGE 8- Basket 5 cracker Five indeed. The magnificent five. Pumpkin, sunflower, flax, sesame and peanuts. Rich in fiber and proteins. Allies of your immune system. Great as a snack or a meal. Good mood comes in a package