Cruntchy thins

  • Country Origin: Serbia
IMAGE 1- Cruntchy oat thins Crunch, crunch! Crunching in progress. Credits: sesame seeds and oatmeal. Consequences: desirable. Proteins, fibers, the feeling of fullness. As well as low glycemic index, plus the vitamins and minerals. But who has the time to think about all that when crunching is in progress! / IMAGE 2- Crunchy thins with turmeric A golden seasoning with a glowing orange color. Turmeric used to be a substitute for saffron, but we wouldn’t trade turmeric for anything! We love it always and everywhere. That’s why we made it the queen of our thins. When its crown shines, so do we. / IMAGE 3- Crunchy thins with flax seed The most popular member of the Basket family. Disappearing at light speed from shelves, bowls, plates and hands. Six types of flour enriched with flax seeds conspire to keep you healthy. Flax gives us fibers and vitamins B and E, accompanied by a mild nutty taste and likeable crunchiness. / IMAGE 4- Crunchy thins with dried tomatoes For those who find the tomato season to be too short. For those who love tomatoes at any time. Dried ones at that. Teamed up with spelt flour. Packed and preserved
in crunchy thins. / IMAGE 5- Crunchy spinach thins A proof that spinach is not only for sailors. A slightly spicy flavor tucked into spelt flour. Good for muscles, vitality, the whole body. Healthier. Different. Basket. / IMAGE 6- Crunchy nettle thins Dedicated to nettle, the exotic queen of wild herbs. Rich in nettle seeds and leaves. Mildly spicy. We have added some pepper, both sweet and spicy. Just enough to give it a better edge, while letting the nettle reign supreme. The nettle is excellent for your bloodwork, iron levels, healthy sleep and healthier metabolism. That is why we have included it in the Basket family. / IMAGE 7- Crunchy buckwheat thins Buckwheat and carob are in love. Basket is the proof and product of that love. The central role is played by buckwheat. Rich in proteins, especially favored during fasts, and favored by athletes all year round. No wonder! In the whole world of grains, buckwheat is the one that gives us maximum proteins, vitamins and minerals, with minimum calories!