• Country Origin: Denmark
IMAGE 1-Organic Digestive Classic Organic biscuits with a crunch. Perfect for a cheese buffet, the lunch box, or as base in a cheese cake. Made with organic ingredients only. The Digestive biscuit was invented by two Scottish doctors back in 1839 and has enjoyed great popularity ever since. At Bisca, we use the same classic recipe every time.400 g / IMAGE 2-Organic Marie Biscuits Organic Marie biscuits are sweet, round wheat crackers loved by kids of all ages. The charming Marie has been a part of Bisca since 1922. Try the organic version for your family / IMAGE 3-Organic Crisp Rolls Organic crisp rolls are baked with lots of fibre, giving them a solid crunch and a nutlike taste. Crisp Rolls are a wonderful snack, best described as a merge of crackers and crispbread, and makes for a delicious light breakfast, too.