Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- Sabino Basso Line High Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced in selected geographic areas "Sabino Basso" extra virgin olive oils come from some of the most rapresentative regions of Southern Italy: Puglia "DOP Terra di Bari - Castel del Monte"; Campania "DOP Penisola Sorrentina"; Sicilia "IGP Sicilia"; Calabria "Olio di Calabria IGP". BASSO is presenting this range of superior quality products in a brand new packaging. Each oil bears with it the typical flavours of the corresponding region of origin. / IMAGE 2- 100% product of Italy Product of superior quality obtained from a careful selection of Italian oils Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means ". It is a top quality product made from carefully selected Italian oils from South Italy and especially from Puglia and Calabria. The oil produced from the variety of olive CORATINA is used to give the product structure and character and to best represent our idea of Italian oil strong taste but where the bitter and piquant are muffled by the sweetest oils such as those from varieties CAROLEA and OGLIAROLA. The final product has a fruity, fresh and balanced taste but of character with a bitter and spicy medium intensity and persistent taste enriched by pleasant vegetal note / IMAGE 3- Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold-pressed oil, with low acidity, unfiltered must Basso Unfiltered extra virgin olive oil is a rustic oil, from fresh squeezed olives, which is bottled as it comes directly from the mill. The olives are harvested and pressed within the same day, through a cold extraction system. This oil is the result of a careful selection of the best raw oils from Puglia, which are obtained from Coratina olives variety. Thanks to small pieces of husk and pulp, BASSO Unfiltered oil offers enhanced perfumes and flavors typical of just squeezed fresh olives, as well as a high nutritional and healthy value due to the higher vitamins and antioxidants content. The consumer will benefit from this aromatic and healthy richness in the first months of the life of the oil, until the oil pulp and peel particles naturally decant and deposit at the bottom of the bottle. BASSO Unfiltered oil is yellow colour with green hues and the typical appearance of a rustic and turbid oil. Its fruity is intense, the taste strong and full of character with marked bitter and persistent spicy notes, still enhanced by artichoke and bitter vegetable notes. Thanks to its peculiar organoleptic characteristics, BASSO unfiltered oil is recommended as dressing for all dishes to be enriched with aromas and flavors. It is particularly suitable for vegetables, bruschetta, grilled vegetables and mixed salads / IMAGE 4- European Community Extra Virgin Olive Oil Product of superior quality obtained from a careful selection of Italian oils “Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means". The " BASSO BLEND " is a well-balanced mixture of extra virgin olive oils from Spain (Arbequina and Hojiblanca), Italy (Ogliarola and Coratina) and Greece (variety Koroneiki) carefully selected by our internal panel group. Our goal is to have an extra virgin olive oil whose organoleptic profile can always meet the taste requirements of the average consumer that recognizes and appreciates the consistency of its aromas and flavours over time. It is an oil with an intense fruity taste rich of olfactory notes and a slightly spicy taste, with a pleasant bitterness, which fits perfectly the sweet notes of fruit and green grass. In the kitchen it is suitable for dressing meat, fish and vegetables, and for cooking sauces, soups and side dishes, enriching and enhancing their taste. / IMAGE 5- Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% product of Italy Organic product, without pesticides and chemicals substances This extra virgin olive oil derives from Italian olives that grow in Puglia, Calabria and Sicily, without the use of pesticides and other chemical substances. The product is strictly controlled by accredited laboratories, in order to guarantee the absence of these substances. It is also supervised during its processing and it is certified by CCPB. Organic Extra virgin olive oil BASSO has a medium/intense fruitiness, with pleasant and persistent herbal notes and a balanced flavor where bitter and spicy shades are made softer by sweet almond notes. This product is typically used to flavor all dishes, especially those intended for children, pregnant women and elderly people. / IMAGE 6- Monocultivar Extra Virgin Olive Oil Through the Monocultival oils line, BASSO intends to propose five extra virgin olive oils to the most attentive and demanding customers. They come from different regions, and for this they have different chemical and sensory characteristics. These oils represent the highest expression of South-Italian tradition, and they are appreciated from the most discerning costumers because they enhance flavors and tastes of every dish. The line consists of the following monovarietal oils: Ravece, Coratina, Nocellara, Ogliarola, Carolea