Creative Meats

  • Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- Collar Ideal meat to bake in the oven or chopped fillets grilled. / IMAGE 2- Mini collar It is a cut from the upper part of the back. A meat that works very well in stews. / IMAGE 3- Presa Unparalleled texture meat, a balance between lean and intramuscular fat. / IMAGE 4- Pluma Intense and aromatic flavor / IMAGE 5- Secreto It receives this name because it is a cut between the shoulder and the pancetta (bacon). / IMAGE 6- Defatted Jowl Without a doubt it is a cut that stands out for its infiltration of fat. Delicious grilled. / IMAGE 7- Abanico A fine cut, rich in veins of fat. Perfect for barbecuing. / IMAGE 8- Tenderloin Appreciated for its juiciness. / IMAGE 9- Meaty Ribs Roast, stew, on the barbecue. The middle rib allows you to cook it any way you wish. / IMAGE 10- Premium Ribs You can sprinkle them or cook them on the barbecue. Our recommendation is that you eat them with your hands. / IMAGE 11- Loin Ribs A stew with loin ribs is a first-class stew. / IMAGE 12- Lagarto A fine cut that is extracted from the part between the ribs and the back. / IMAGE 13- Meaty Riblet As the rib allows you to select multiple cooking options. Try it in the oven. / IMAGE 14- Loin End The part with greater taste and tenderness of the loin. / IMAGE 15- Chuletón Maybe you're surprised, perhaps you've seen little, but it's definitely a treat. Try it in the oven. / IMAGE 16- Chuleta Cut located on the upper part of the rib. / IMAGE 17- French Rack One of the jewels of Batallé el Único, both grilled and baked. / IMAGE 18- Batonetta It is a meat that is delicious grilled. / IMAGE 19- Loin You will recognize our loin with a simple cut. Grease infiltration is greater and is distinguishable by the naked eye. / IMAGE 20- 4D Shoulder Cut from the palette without bone. This meat is ideal for cooking in the oven. / IMAGE 21- Trimming A meat rich in protein. First quality for your recipes. / IMAGE 22- Triangular Belly It is a cut that includes the skin and the layers that are under the skin of the pig. / IMAGE 23- Belly A reference that is appreciated throughout the world for its great flavor. / IMAGE 24- Half Belly A tender and soft meat. Savor it in a thousand different ways. / IMAGE 25- Cheek Medallion Fibrous and with the presence of intramuscular fat, ideal for stews. / IMAGE 26- Skirt Meat A low fat cut. For stews or grilling. / IMAGE 27- Butifarra A selected sausage meat. Recommended for our grilled butifarra. / IMAGE 28- Hamburger The distinction of our hamburger is in the taste.