• Country Origin: United Kingdom
IMAGE 1- ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL The original Elderflower Cordial, made with masses of freshly picked elderflowers, lemon juice and spring water. / IMAGE 2- RASPBERRY & LEMON CORDIAL We take pressed raspberry juice and blend it with freshly squeezed lemon juice to make this deliciously fruity cordial / IMAGE 3- GINGER CORDIAL In this new, punchier recipe, we use fresh root ginger to create a pleasingly fiery cordial. / IMAGE 4- LIME & LEMONGRASS CORDIAL This is a zippy, citrusy sensation, thanks to a handful of freshly squeezed limes and a touch of lemongrass in every bottle / IMAGE 5- ELDERFLOWER AND ROSE CORDIAL Our original cordial, given a floral twist. / IMAGE 6- BLUEBERRY AND BLACKCURRANT CORDIAL We only use beautifully ripe berries ready to burst / IMAGE 7- HONEY, LEMON & GINGER CORDIAL Delicious hot or cold, this lovely warming drink is made from freshly pressed lemons and blended with real blossom honey. / IMAGE 8- Organic Elderflower Cordial ORGANIC ELDERFLOWER CORDIAL A fragrant cordial full of fresh elderflowers picked from the organically grown elder that surrounds the Belvoir Fruit Farm / IMAGE 9- ORGANIC GINGER CORDIAL Our rather fiery new recipe combines sliced organic root ginger with real organic lemon juice for a ginger hit that will tingle your tastebuds. / IMAGE 10- Organic Elderflower & Rose Cordial ORGANIC ELDERFLOWER & ROSE CORDIAL This cordial has a lovely scented blend of fresh elderflowers and real rose petal extract with a beautifully delicate taste. / IMAGE 11- ORGANIC LEMON & MINT CORDIAL This cordial is a delightful blend of sweet, citrus lemons and fresh, leafy garden mint with a really refreshing flavour. / IMAGE 12- MULLED WINTER CORDIAL A rich, fruity blend of cranberry and orange juice with warming winter spices. / IMAGE 13- BLACKCURRANT CORDIAL Deliciously rich & fruity our Blackcurrant cordial is packed full of luscious dark purple blackcurrants and absolutely no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavourings in fact it’s 100% natural. / IMAGE 14- ORANGE CORDIAL Refreshingly rich & zesty our Orange cordial is overflowing with deliciously citrus real pressed orange juices and absolutely no artificial sweeteners, preservatives or flavourings, in fact it’s 100% natural.