• Country Origin: Turkey
Rice is the only cereal that grows in water. It prefers soils that are rich in nutrients and grows in warm water. Following corn and wheat in world cereal production, rice is obtained through various polishing processes after being peeled from husks in accordance with paddy technique. Rice has been one of the most basic nutrients for humans since early times.Rice is a high energy source due to its Vitamin E and particularly iron content. It has an important effect in balancing the high blood pressure and the urea in the body. The brown rice, which is grown specially, plays an important role in nutrition as it contains valuable minerals such as potassium, phosphor, calcium, fluorine and 12 types of amino acids apart from Vitamins B1, B2, B6, PP, E and F. Sort: -Baldo Rice -Gönen Rice -Trakya Baldo Rice -Osmancik Rice -Round Grain Rice -Basmati Rice -Broken Rice