• Country Origin: Belgium
IMAGE 1- Strawberry Rum Daiquiri Fruit sorbet with 100% fresh strawberries, sour lime and an ample slug of white rum. Flexible. Summery. Tempting. And ever so sexy. / IMAGE 2- Bourbon Salted Caramel A lighter ice cream with dark chocolate, swirls of sea salt and caramel and a liberal slug of bourbon. Frothy. Boisterous. Luxurious. And a tad salty. / IMAGE 3- Coconut Rum Punch Mango ice cream with creamy coconut milk, a hint of lime and a bountiful slug of Caribbean brown rum. Idyllic. Refreshing. Tantalising. And ludicrously exotic. / IMAGE 4- Amaretto Cookie Crunch A rich ice cream with white chocolate, freshly baked almond cookie crumbles and a generous slug of amaretto. Smooth. Creamy. Smokey. And a little naughty. / IMAGE 5- Irish Coffee Crumble Mocha ice cream with coarsely chopped dark chocolate and a hefty slug of whiskey. Wild. Fierce. Tasty. And just a bit crazy. / IMAGE 6- Limoncello Raspberry Ripple Fruit sorbet with 100% real raspberries, a hint of lime and a heavy slug of limoncello. Airy. Pink. Intriguing. And awfully frivolous.