• Country Origin: Italy
IMAGE 1- 5 - Wholemeal Spaghetti Our WHOLEMEAL SPAGHETTI are EPIC… Cooking time: 9 minutes Weight: 500 g. ...the traditional pasta shape handed down from generation to generation; unchanged by time, custom and cooking styles. / IMAGE 2- 31 - Wholemeal Penne rigate Our WHOLMEAL PENNE RIGATE are VERSATILE... Cooking time: 10 minutes Weight: 500 g. …ideal for any occasion: a simple meal with friends, a family meal or even something more elaborate. / IMAGE 3- 36 - Wholemeal Fusilli Our WHOLEMEAL FUSILLI are GENEROUS… Cooking time: 9 minutes Weight: 500 g. …they are perfect with a huge range of sauces and condiments thanks to their helical shape.