Traditional pork schrachings

  • Country Origin: Serbia
IMAGE 1- Traditional pork schrachings The traditional pork meat snack called čvarci (чварци), sometimes internationally recognized as pork rinds or pork scratchings, but with a somewhat different texture and taste. Carefully selected cuts of meat are cooked in traditional manner. / IMAGE 2- Traditional pork schrachings (Hot) Traditional pork scratchings and their special, spicy taste are the result of an intense search for a flavor that will make the local scratchings even better! Hot scratchings go excellent with a beer, and other cold drinks, served as a snack. / IMAGE 3- Sitni čvarci Sitni domaći čvarci – idealna grickalica, ali i dodatak koji će oplemeniti mnoga jela! / IMAGE 4- Traditional pork lard Traditional pork lard has always been highly appreciated for its culinary properties. It has a higher smoke point than other oils, which makes food preparation process shorter, and food taste and texture richer. In the last few decades pork lard has been unpopular on the pretext that it’s not healthy. However, after the long period of exile, pork lard is back into the marketplace and it’s getting more and more used in the kitchens worldwide. High quality lard increasingly popular due to its nutritious and cooking properties. Based on centuries – old local recipes. / IMAGE 5-