• Country Origin: United Kingdom
IMAGE 1- CHAI SPICE TEA - TEABAGS Each teabag is individually foil-wrapped to seal in the flavours, giving you a chai that’s full of character in every cup. The warming spices in this tea are harmonious with autumn and winter, making it the ideal cuppa to brighten up those colder days. Enjoy with a splash of milk and a spoonful of sugar for a comforting afternoon boost. / IMAGE 2- PEACH & PASSION FRUIT FRUIT BLACK TEA - TEABAGS Our Peach and Passion Fruit tea works equally well as a pick-me-up on a hot afternoon or to soothe during chilly winter nights. / IMAGE 3- MANGO MAGIC FRUIT BLACK TEA - TEABAGS Delicate mango flavour imparts a subtle, warm, and satisfying sweetness to this lovely brew. It's complimented with a base of our finest black tea that forms a brisk backdrop to harmonise with the summery taste of the mango. / IMAGE 4- STRAWBERRY SENSATION FRUIT BLACK TEA - TEABAGS We take our exceptional black tea and then combine it with pieces of fruit from juicy ripe strawberries. Serve it straight for a mild taste of strawberry layered with impeccable black tea. Add sugar and the fruity notes from the infusion come alive, especially when served on ice. / IMAGE 5- RASPBERRY INDULGENCE FRUIT BLACK TEA - TEABAGS Our invigorating black tea is infused with the mouth watering flavour of popular raspberry. Enjoy this tea warm or even cold with a slice of fruit for the perfect summer refreshment / IMAGE 6- LEMON & LIME TWIST FRUIT BLACK TEA - TEABAGS The zesty mixture of these two citrus fruits create a full and tangy flavour for a fantastically refreshing cup. Real fruit pieces, specially picked by Ahmad Teas blenders, contribute a lively flavour that's all natural. / IMAGE 7- VANILLA TRANQUILLITY TEA - TEABAGS Vanilla pods have been prized worldwide for centuries due to their calming and relaxing properties. Possessing a sweet and savoury fragrance, they add a warm and lavish touch to this splendid tea. / IMAGE 8- CINNAMON HAZE TEA - TEABAGS We take out best black tea and then infuse it with the deep intricate spice of cinnamon for a gentle kick of brisk flavour. While wonderful on its own, add some milk and or sugar to balance out the heat of the cinnamon for a full rich taste. / IMAGE 9- BLACKCURRANT BURST FRUIT BLACK TEA - TEABAGS The crisp aromatic notes of the blackcurrant form a splendid fusion with our finest black tea that results in a remarkably invigorating flavour. / IMAGE 10- APRICOT SUNRISE FRUIT BLACK TEA - TEABAGS This tea can be enjoyed hot for a cup that’s both savory and relaxing, or served with ice to create an invigorating and zingy drink that will help cool you down after a day in the sun. / IMAGE 11- APPLE REFRESH FRUIT BLACK TEA - TEABAGS Ahmad Tea’s strict quality control then ensures that only exceptional examples of this cherished fruit are procured so that every cup, down to the last sip, meets their exacting standards. / IMAGE 12- FRUIT TEA SELECTION OF 4 FRUIT BLACK TEAS - TEABAGS this is the perfect assortment of our most popular fruit teas: Apple Refresh, Peach & Passion Fruit, Lemon & Lime Twist and Strawberry Sensation.