• Country Origin: United Kingdom
IMAGE 1- ROOIBOS & CINNAMON INFUSION - TEABAGS Naturally caffeine free, it's calming to ease stress and sooth nerves. It's also rich in antioxidants to aid in a healthier lifestyle and state of well-being. When you need the perfect brew to guide you through a hard day and to a restful sleep, our masterful blend is a wonderful choice that you can always count on. / IMAGE 2- PEPPERMINT & LEMON INFUSION - TEABAGS These flavours unite to form a magnificent herbal blend that will tingle your senses while relieving any stress from a long day. / IMAGE 3- DETOX INFUSION - TEABAGS expertly balanced with an infusion of herbs, roots, and leaves that produces blend that will help give you a boost. / IMAGE 4- CAMOMILE & LEMONGRASS INFUSION - TEABAGS Camomile provides a calming effect, known for centuries as one of nature's' remedies to combat tension and nerves. / IMAGE 5- CAMOMILE, HONEY & VANILLA INFUSION - TEABAGS Camomile, Honey & Vanilla Infusion - Teabags / IMAGE 6- LEMON & GINGER INFUSION - TEABAGS Invigorate your taste buds with this perfect blend of lemon and ginger for a lively and refreshing cup of tea. / IMAGE 7- MIXED BERRIES & HIBISCUS INFUSION - TEABAGS It's a naturally caffeine free drink so can be enjoyed all day long whenever you need a lift. Boost your energy the natural way with this dynamic blend by Ahmad Tea / IMAGE 8- BLACKCURRANT INFUSION - TEABAGS it's the perfect brew to keep you refreshed, invigorated and quench your thirst during hot days. / IMAGE 9- MIXED CITRUS INFUSION - TEABAGS Can be served hot or cold and with or without sugar depending on your mood. A versatile brew that can be used for any occasion and sure to become a favourite. / IMAGE 10- ROSEHIP, HIBISCUS & CHERRY INFUSION - TEABAGS this excellent infusion takes the bold deep flavour of hibiscus herb and combines it masterfully with the fragrant beauty of rosehip. Add a splash of cherry for a unique touch that adds extra depth of flavour and a natural sweetness. / IMAGE 11- WINTER CHARM INFUSION - TEABAGS This marvellous blend of refreshing apple, spicy cinnamon, and cloves makes the perfect wintertime brew.There's also an added a touch of zesty orange peel to compliment the flavour and bring an element of zingy freshness to the mix. / IMAGE 12- FRUIT & HERB SELECTION OF 4 INFUSIONS - TEABAGS Our Fruit & Herb Selection offers four blends that are perfect for every mood and moment. Each of these healthy infusions is made from all-natural flowers, spices, herbs and seeds. / IMAGE 13- WILD STRAWBERRY INFUSION - TEABAGS Additionally, we add a delicate touch of vanilla to balance the fruity notes with warm and silky softness to raise the flavour to another level. / IMAGE 14- CAMOMILE & HONEY INFUSION - PYRAMID TEABAGS harmonious tea full of naturally calming camomile, a herb known for its relaxing properties to soothe and relax you. / IMAGE 15- DOUBLE MINT & LIQUORICE INFUSION - PYRAMID TEABAGS Mint lovers will enjoy the perfect blend of fresh spearmint and bold peppermint special selected by the master tasters at Ahmad Tea. / IMAGE 16- GARDEN DETOX INFUSION - PYRAMID TEABAGS The flavours sing together harmoniously to provide a refined and elegant flavour. The blend is not only a delight to the senses but will help cleanse the body, aid with digestion, and boost vitality. A truly a magnificent tea to purify and raise your vitality to new heights. / IMAGE 17- LEMON & GINGER INFUSION - PYRAMID TEABAGS Because this tea is naturally caffeine free, you can enjoy it whenever you need a little bit of extra pep in your step to make the most the day.