• Country Origin: Czech Republic
IMAGE 1- MAJOLKA® - classic mayonnaise The most famous classical Czech mayonnaise find application not only in the traditional potato salad, but is perfectly suited for the preparation of spreads, canapés or other dishes. Possible Replacement eggs and fats in baking cakes and desserts. Additionally, it includes Omag-3 fatty acids, important for our body. It does not contain preservatives, starches and stabilizers. It is suitable for a gluten-free diet. / IMAGE 2- MAJOLKA® Youghurt tzatziki Excellent balanced mayonnaise in Greek-style yogurt tzatziki. Outside of lower oil content includes in its composition a combination of garlic and dill with yogurt. Yoghurt tzatziki Majolka ® can be used to flavor fresh cucumber and other vegetable salads and various delicacies, sandwiches etc. Very well suited also for roasted and grilled meats and fish / IMAGE 3- MAJOLKA® Salsa Majolka® Salsa is a continuation premium line of flavored mayonnaise brand Majolka. The rich, attractive composition of this product can be found tomato paste, onions, colored pepper, oregano or Mexican cuisine very popular cumin. Slightly spicy flavor complements the addition of chilli. Majolka salsa is excellent for various roasted and grilled meats and fish, it can be used in salads, to decorate various delicacies, etc / IMAGE 4- MAJOLKA® a lá Wasabi Wasabi mayonnaise belongs to the category of quality highoil mayonnaise. In its composition is contained quality grated horseradish and particularly so popular today horseradish powder Wasabi. Mayonnaise is significant, but delicious taste after using Wasabi powder has a soft pastel green. It is suitable as an accompaniment to meats when grilling as well as a significant resource in the delicatessen decorating the kitchen. The product will appeal to consumers who want to try new and mayonnaise in less traditional tastes / IMAGE 5- Mayonnaise Majolka Lemon fresh lemon taste / IMAGE 6- Majolka Delikates 5 % eggs yolk. No preservatives, dyes and aromats. Winner Gold Salima 2016