• Country Origin: Belgium
IMAGE 1- L'impériale Mustard Created in 1877, this recipe and its unique colour are appreciated by people all over Belgium. L'Impériale represents about 15% of the Belgian market in large-scale distribution. With a unique flavour, brown colour and mild taste, it is pure, natural and guaranteed free from colourings and preservatives. L'Impériale mustard symbolises the very flavour of the tradition. / IMAGE 2- Piccalilli is the company’s second leading product. This creamy, vegetable-based sauce (onions, gherkins, cauliflowers) is cooked in a blend of spices and vinegar. Bister's Piccalilli contains large chunks of vegetables, is quite vinegary and is not sweetened, giving a taste distinct from other "pickles" on the market and guaranteeing loyal customers. / IMAGE 3- Honey-flavoured mustard One of Bister's exclusive items, and made according to traditional methods, this mustard owes its distinctive flavour to honey. This mouth-wateringly delicious mustard retains its spicy flavour. The carefully-measured addition of honey (8%) provides this mustard with a wonderfully creamy taste, without being sweet. Waiting to be discovered, this product has proved to be a hit during taste tests. / IMAGE 4- Organic traditional-style mustard This "large seed" mustard, made according to traditional methods, is based on cider vinegar derived from organically produced apples. It blends the sharp taste of the seeds with the slightly fruity taste of cider vinegar: a delight! / IMAGE 5- Dijon's Mustard Elaborated according to the famous recipe, our mustard of Dijon goes perfectly with any type of meat. Its high and spicy taste revives your taste buds and brings color to your plates. / IMAGE 6- Traditional-style Mustard This coarse-grained mustard provides a unique crunch in mouth. It is a perfect accompaniment to lamb, cheese,etc. Try it in your homemade dressing and mayonnaise / IMAGE 7- L'impériale Mustard Mayonnaise This mayonnaise is made without colourings and preservatives. The addition of our famous L'Impériale mustard gives this mayonnaise a certain quality and a unique flavour. / IMAGE 8- Cocktail Prepared according to the traditional method, this sauce is made using Cognac (0.5%) and luxury mayonnaise. It's perfect for all your vegetable-based appetisers, BBQs and even Burgundian fondues. / IMAGE 9- Béarnaise Our Bearnaise sauce contains just enough tarragon to appeal to most palates. It can be served cold or hot, heated carefully in a bain-marie or in a microwave on a low heat. / IMAGE 10- Tartar Based on luxury mayonnaise, to which spices, fresh finely-chopped vegetables (carrots, onions and capers) and a dash of lemon juice are added. They are ideal served with fish, fried or breadcrumb dishes, scampi and langoustine fritters. / IMAGE 11- Andalouse Based on a rich dressing and a blend of carefully selected spices, it has a slightly tangy taste and holds together very well. This sauce is the ideal dip for cauliflower, carrot and cucumber appetisers, but is equally delicious with chips or grilled meats. / IMAGE 12- 4-Spice Gherkins Our extra-fine gherkins (250 to 300 gherkins per kg drained) are preserved in strong vinegar flavoured with red peppers and mustard seeds. / IMAGE 13- 4-Spice Onions Our onions have a lovely crisp bite to them and are soaked in vinegar, mustard seeds and small red pepper cubes.