Agricultural Practices

Liberica Coffee Beans
  • Country Origin: Ethiopia
IMAGE 1- There are natural forest areas and Coffees grown naturally inside the forest. The Coffee inside the Bench Maji Forest had been considered simply as trees and reserved as a forest. The surrounding people used to go to the forest and collect forest coffee which had been reserved as forest and public owned. / IMAGE 2- Semi-forest Coffee Here, the forest is altered and managed, often quite substantially. The canopy is thinned once to several times a year to allow more light to reach the coffee and increase yields. Trees with open, wide-spreading canopies are favored since fewer trees are needed to provide the preferred amount of shade. Undergrowth, competing shrubs, and emerging seedlings of other plants are removed to make harvesting easier and to make room for more coffee. / IMAGE 3- Wild Coffee Wild coffee in Bench Maji is so named not because it is a coffee substitute but because it has grown inside wild forest 100% without any human intervention ( without any management).