• Country Origin: Czech Republic
IMAGE 1- Mustard for kids The combination of mustard and mayonnaise with very fine structure. Suitable for children from 6 years. / IMAGE 2- Bavarien mustard Product of the special mustards, is made of two kinds of mustard seeds - light and dark. Contains a lot of sugar and its unmistakable flavor is distinctly sweet mustard. Popular in the southern part of neighboring Germany, in Bavaria, from where it gradually extends across Central Europe. This product was initially intended as a supplement to grilled (especially white Bavarian) sausages, its use today is wherever the mustard used. It can be advantageously used as a side dish to meat, normally smoked, etc. The product can be remotely compared with normal Krems mustard, all tastes and color, however, the Bavarian mustard is much stronger and more intense / IMAGE 3- Dijon mustard Dijon Mustard belongs to the category of special mustards and can be considered as the flagship of the group. Name is derived from the place of origin - the French city of Dijon. The raw material for this are solely mustard seeds of black mustard (brown) from which during a special production process of removing dark skin and the resulting mustard is made from yellow content of seeds beneath the skin. Comply with regulations also some traditional recipes. Dijon mustard has a distinct characteristic sharp spicy flavor and a distinctive yellow to yellow-brown color. Its application is very wide, widely used as an ingredient in various sauces and bases in the warm kitchen, meat covering for grilling and of course also as an accompaniment to smoked or hot and cold meats / IMAGE 4- French mustard For some consumers can be dijon mustard too spicy and distinctive variant. Here we recommend the use of French mustard. It is a combination of Dijon mustard and usual mustard. This preserves the characteristic flavor of Dijon mustard, but at the same time reduce the sting too strong mustard. It is thus preferable combination for direct consumption as an accompaniment to smoked meats and can also be used to flavor such as sandwiches and canapés. / IMAGE 5- Steak mustard Steak mustard Steak mustard - 1 Steak mustard - 2 Mustard for grill is one of the interesting innovations in the field of specialty mustards. Slightly spicy mustard attention at first glance its very attractive. Contain whole, crushed yellow and brown mustard seeds and red pepper pieces. This new product has a very wide culinary use. As the name suggests, finds the largest application as an attachment to grilled sausages, minced meat, preferably it can also be used in various marinades or to combat grilled meats. However liven options wherever used standard mustard. On the market now comes in a new, efficient and practical tube, which would amplify the overall distinctive aesthetic taste and feel / IMAGE 6- Krems mustard Originally from the Austrian town Krems, made ​​of a mixture of white and black seeds (brown) mustard, visibly contains coarsely ground black skin and a higher percentage of sugar. Due to the content of the black seed that provides its own preservative composition effect is not usually wholegrain mustard often being preserved, it is also without using additive dyes / IMAGE 7- Full-fat mustard Full-fat mustard Full-fat mustard - 1 Full-fat mustard - 2 Full-fat mustard - 3 Full-fat mustard - 4 Full-fat mustard - 5 Full-fat mustard - 6 Full-fat mustard - 7 Full-fat mustard - 8 Full-fat mustard - 9 Full-fat mustard - 10 It is made from finely ground white mustard seeds, seed composition and application of technology leads to a finer product, less spicy. Mustard is mostly artificial coloring or natural dyes and preserved. Mustard brand BONECO is, however without dyes / IMAGE 8- Horseradish mustard Again, this is a special category of mustard, this time as the perfect side dish combinations of Czech consumers. It is made from quality mustard and grated horseradish high quality. Mustard with Horseradish is an excellent complement to the various pork jowl, grilled and smoked meats, and finds use in fresh pork feasts, etc. Also, sausages, especially the fine sausageswith this mustard have significantly enhance taste. / IMAGE 9- Premium mustard with honey and dill Mustard with honey and dill - German, gentle type of mustard with distinctive flavors of ingredients / IMAGE 10- Premium orange mustard Mustard with orange - rich orange ingredients in combination with mustard. / IMAGE 11- Premium mustard with green pepper Mustard and green pepper - French type with visible grains of mustard sterilized green pepper / IMAGE 12- Mustard with honey Contains 14 % of honey / IMAGE 13- Mustard with hot peppers Spicy