• Country Origin: Ethiopia
IMAGE 1- BENCH MAJI COFFEE FARMERS LTD COOPERATIVE UNION (BMCFU) spices are the product of Bench Maji Forest where everything grows naturally in the wild forest. Growing in the shade of the larger trees, one will find a variety of spice plants that produce delectable culinary herbs and spices. / IMAGE 2- Turmeric or nicknamed “the golden spice” is one of the most popular spices in Ethiopia used almost on a daily basis for both traditional medicine and cooking purposes. It is assumed Turmeric reached Ethiopia during 800AD – probably from India. Turmeric is widely grow in Ethiopia, / IMAGE 3- Black Cardamom also known as Korarima is one of the most used and important spices in Ethiopia’s culinary culture. It is used to mix other spices and flavour coffees / IMAGE 4- Known as “King of All Spices” Black Pepper is one of the oldest and widely used spices in the world and it comes from the berries of the pepper plant. It is an excellent source of manganese and vitamin K, a very good source of copper and dietary fiber, and a good source of iron, chromium and calcium. / IMAGE 5- Ethiopian Long Pepper (Timiz pepper as known in Ethiopia) is indigenous to Ethiopia and grows and harvested in the wild and semi wild forest of Bench Maji zone in similar agro ecology with korarima and coffee.