• Country Origin: Czech Republic
IMAGE 1- Broccoli spread Spread mayonnaise contains associated significant proportion of lightly marinated broccoli, to complement the flavor is added gently sliced sausage and onions. The consistency of all components is reasonably soft, smell and taste of fresh, pleasant, affect the application of broccoli / IMAGE 2- Camping spread The equivalent of lettuce camping with a finer texture and enhanced flavor spices, can be well spread on sandwiches, but the sandwiches and sandwiches. / IMAGE 3- Spicy cheese spread with garlic Another classic cheese spreads containing grated cheese, red pepper, lightly spicy, contains minced chillies and garlic. As the clutch is used lite mayonnaise. Taste and smell is pleasant after using cheese and garlic / IMAGE 4- Cottage cheese spread with ham and horseradish This spread is a product based on high quality, nonfat cottage cheese, mayonnaise quality. Seasoning is finely grated horseradish and chopped ham Chicken.Spreads can be very well used in cold dishes, preparation of sandwiches, canapes and to decorate canapés. Its composition and the flavor reminds favorite ham rolls with horseradish filling. Use of this spreads is easier than the production of these rolls / IMAGE 5- Egg spread Egg spread Egg spread - 1 Egg spread - 2"The spread contains a high percentage of quality finely chopped boiled eggs (60%), the United delicious flavored mayonnaise. Along with the other flavoring agents such as mustard, spices and parsley are harmonious flavor and slightly spicy product. Overall impression is underlined by the significant pleasant yellow color spreads. It is suitable not only as a basis for stuffed baguettes, but also for decorating sandwiches, canapes, jelly and other delicatessen products. / IMAGE 6- Vlasska spread The analogy of italian salad with a finer texture and enhanced flavor of spices, used for baguettes, sandwiches, sandwiches, etc