• Country Origin: Czech Republic
IMAGE 1- Ketchup for kids extra Ketchup for kids extra is made from high quality tomato paste with a large proportion of ripe juicy tomatoes. Making it now has a fresh and rich ketchup flavor. Customers, especially the kids, will appreciate that it doues not contain preservatives, flavors or added colors. Also content salt was , compared to standard ketchups, greatly reduced. This product is suitable for a gluten free diet. Very practical and nice graphics design is also packaging, plastic tube. Cap the tube with foil under the lid guarantees together with the heat treatment of content (pasteurization) high hygienic safety of the product during the shelf life. Thanks ductile properties of the tube can be easily squeeze and use the entire contents of the package without unnecessary losses / IMAGE 2- Classic ketchup Classic ketchup Classic ketchup - 1 Classic ketchup - 2 Classic ketchup - 3 Ketchup is made from tomato puree concentrated homogenizing mixing with water, spices and other ingredients for your recipes (sweet, spicy, etc).. Preservation is thermal or chemical sterilization. It is sparsely mushy, soft, red to brown-red liquid.