• Country Origin: Czech Republic
IMAGE 1- Flavored horseradish This is a classically treated finely grated horseradish which to soften the flavor contains other ingredients such as vinegar, sugar, salt, vegetable oil. The content of the horseradish reaches 75% and is suitable as an accompaniment to meats, smoked meats, etc., it can be used as a flavoring in other dishes or ham rolls. / IMAGE 2- a lá Wasabi horseradish Premium It combines the quality of grated horseradish and today many popular horseradish wasabi powder. The product has a significant, but delicious taste after using wasabi powder has a soft pastel green. It is suitable as a significant resource in decorating delicatessen dishes and as an accompaniment to meats during grilling. Addresses to consumers who want to try new, less traditional tastes