• Country Origin: Czech Republic
IMAGE 1- Pickled blue cheese with hot peppers These many years a very popular delicatessen classics. Blue cheeses are cured in brine of high quality rapeseed oil, along with other ingredients (peppers, onions, etc.) are very shapely and delicious gourmet combination for any occasion. It is available in different package sizes from small to 3.5 kg package / IMAGE 2- Pickled sausages (in vinegar) Also a classic product Czech delicatessen cuisine. It includes the original sausage, onions, peppers, cucumbers and peppers. All content is sealed very well spiced sweet and sour pickles, which also includes mustard seed, pepper, allspice and bay leaf. Pickled are welcome and favorite delicacy of all parties and other gourmet opportunities. Do not miss even the menu of most hospitality / IMAGE 3- Fried onion