HONEY "Echtes Schmankerl "

  • Country Origin: Germany
IMAGE 1- Bavarian Honey – Echtes Schmankerl, spreadable, 500g Honey from a good old tradition. Beekeepers call it “multi-flower”, it means a type of honey between flower and forest. A strong one that is collected by bees from blossoming trees and bushes in the Bavarian summertime. Gathered in small quantities and left undisturbed to solidify. The result is an authentic archetype honey that would have had a place in grandma’s kitchen cupboard. / IMAGE 2- Bavarian Forest Honey, Echtes Schmankerl, liquid, 500g A bavarian specialty with a long tradition. In the summer, the local beekeepers hurl this strong-dark honey. It tastes less sweet than blossom honey and has a pronounced character. Forest honey remains naturally clear and viscous after spinning for a long time.