tea bags

  • Country Origin: Germany
IMAGE 1- Sencha Detox Tea This premium Japanese Sencha tea is rich in precious vitamins (particularly vitamin C and B), minerals, amino acids and antioxidants (fl avonoids). It may be enjoyed in the morning or throughout the day. It‘s charming fl avour and the stimulating impact of Sencha activates and boosts a slow metabolism, encouraging the body to take more of its energy from fat deposits, while at the same time the bitter compounds helps to cut down appetite. / IMAGE 2- Bio Revitalizing Fruits All about that berry! Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) is a small red berry which is native to certain remote regions of China, Tibet and Mongolia. Sometimes referred to as a natural stimulant, the goji berry has played a central role in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. But never mind the health claims, our Fruit Berry tastes berry berry fantastic! / IMAGE 3- Regeneration Tea This premium green tea combined with lemongrass, rich in amino acids, many precious vitamins (mainly vitamin C and B), minerals and antioxidants (fl avonoids). It may be enjoyed in the morning or throughout the day. Its delightful lemony/zesty fl avour and its nutrients make it the perfect tea for regeneration. / IMAGE 4- Active Tea A superior Ceylon black tea in combination with apple and cinnamon creates a beverage rich in vitamins and minerals. It strengthens the body‘s defenses, jump starts the circulatory system and lifts one’s spirits. The Ceylon cinnamon has a favourable effect on you. These characteristics make this tea well suited for drinking in the morning or during the day / IMAGE 5- Harmony Tea A first class quality organic Ceylon tea laced with bergamot and a natural touch of orange. High-quality raw materials that harmonize perfectly, essential oils and perfect blending are the exclusive standard for each and every cup, not to mention it is rich in vitamins and minerals. / IMAGE 6- Wellness Herbs This special herbal composition with a scent of orange and honey, can be enjoyed on a daily basis. Aligned with ayurvedic philosophies of keeping balance between body, mind, spirit, and social well being, it could help to reduce your stress level and calm you down.