Señorio de Jaime Rosell / OIL

  • Country Origin: Spain
IMAGE 1- 1573 ESPECIAL EDITION / IMAGE 2- LUXURY COUPAGE SELECTION The extra virgin olive oil, Jaime Rosell Luxury Blend Selection is the ultimate expression within our range of oils due to the mixing of a diverse range of olives such as Arbequira Verde, Arbequira Madura and various varieties of the area; Alfafarenca, Blanquet and Manzanilla. / IMAGE 3- RESERVA FAMILIAR / IMAGE 4- CAPRY SUMMUM / IMAGE 5- SUMMUM The oil Señorio de Jaime Rosell SUMMUM is made from Olives of the Arbequina varietal and is characterized by its early harvesting, which although giving a very low yield is compensated for by the high quality. Made with Arbequina olives, the oil Señorio Jaime Rosell SUMMUM is characterized by its early production. / IMAGE 6- CAPRY MAXIMUM / IMAGE 7- MAXIMUM A classic amongst the Señorio de Jaime Rosell oils, made from olives of the Arbequina varietal, with an unmistakeable aroma, texture, colour and flavour. Made with Arbeqina olives, the oil Señorio de Jaime Rosell MAXIMUM is characterized by its harvesting when the fruit is at its optimum moment of maturity which gives it its unmistakeable aroma, texture, colour and flavour / IMAGE 8- ORGANIC New! SJR Organic produced from ecologically certified crop, a true pleasure for the senses / IMAGE 9- ACETO BALSÁMICO DE MODENA The Aceto Balsamico di Modena 250ml is a wine vinegar with a content of 6%, granted Protected Geographical Indication by the Italian Agricultural Ministry / IMAGE 10- 100% MEDITERRANEAN The extra virgin olive oil 100% Mediterranean is made by blending the oil of different varieties of olives so as to capture inside the bottle the complete essence of the Mediterranean. 100% Mediterranean is an oil for daily use for those who don´t want to give up the flavours and aromas so characteristic of our land / IMAGE 11- 100% MEDITERRANEAN PICUAL / IMAGE 12- 100% MEDITERRANEAN ARBEQUINA / IMAGE 13- 100% MEDITERRANEAN ORGANIC