HONEY "The Classics"

  • Country Origin: Germany
IMAGE 1- Acacia Honey, liquid, 500g The white flowerage of the up to 25m high robinia (black locust) is one of the first honey sources for bees in spring. It offers a luscious nectar, which the bees convert into a water-clear to light yellow honey pleasure. Acacia honey is incomparably mild and sweet in taste. That makes it one of the most popular types of honey, which tastes just as good on bread as it does to sweeten drinks and yoghurt. / IMAGE 2- Rapsflower Honey, creamy, 500g With the first rays of sunshine in spring, the fields transform into a bright yellow sea of flowers. This finely creamy aromatic and likewise mild honey speciality with its typically pearly shimmer comes from the nectar of numerous raps flowers.