• Country Origin: Poland
IMAGE 1- Burger Mix and Meaty Mix Quick and easy to use 100% vegetable substitute for minced meat with a high content of protein and fiber for various applications: burgers, stuffing, bolognese, tacos etc. / IMAGE 2- vEGGS 100% natural substitute for baking and cooking eggs: for cakes, pies, pancakes, coatings, burgers, etc. / IMAGE 3- Cultured Bio Pancakes "Cultural Organic Pancakes" - a gluten-free alternative to traditional pancakes, without eggs, in three colors, with pre- and probiotics! / IMAGE 4- Cultured Vinaigrette Mix Mixes of spices, seeds and other ingredients that you can make your own vinaigrette / IMAGE 5- Vegan goulash mixes 100% natural, rich in protein and fiber, enriched with LactoSpore® cultures and ready in 10 minutes